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Renewable Energy, the Solution for Net-zero, sustainable Development, energy security and sovereignty – 2050 roadmaps start now!

1A Rethinking our Energy Supply: Renewables, energy security and geopolitics

2A Renewables for Industry

4A Can Renewables Solve Energy Poverty?

  • Ewah Eleri Executive Director of the International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development, Nigeria
  • Gurbuz Gonul Director of the IRENA’s Country Engagement and Partnerships
  • Rafael Solis Director of Public Affairs & Community Relations at EDP Renewables

3A Local Value Creation: Building inclusive economies

5A Beyond Technology: Using Social and Policy Innovation to Accelerate the Shift to Renewables

1B Beyond Market Reform: Strengthening Supply Chains to Scale Up the Renewables Sector

  • Rana Ghoneim Chief of the Energy Systems and Industrial Decarbonization Unit at UNIDO
  • Rishabh Jain Senior Programme Lead, Council on Energy, Environment and Water

2B Renewables for Agriculture

3B The Renewables Transition: Turning Crises into Economic Opportunities

4B Changing Energy Governance: Communities and cities shifting to renewables

5B Disrupting the Fossil Fuel Reality: Using innovation to shift to renewables

Renewable energy for social and economic development for all

1C Ramping up Renewable Energy Deployment: The indispensable building block

2C Renewables for Transport

  • Mike Enskat Head of Infrastructure Section, Sectoral and Global Programmes, GIZ
  • Maruxa Cardama Secretary General, SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport
  • Aparna Vijaykumar Program Manager, Electric Mobility with the Sustainable Cities and Transport Team at WRI India
  • Harry Lehmann Director „PTX Lab – Lausitz“ – Chairperson World Council for Renewable Energy

4C Renewables Leading the Transition: Just, equitable, distributed, inclusive

3C The New Rules of Renewable Energy Supply Chains

  • Thomas Nowak Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association
  • Christopher Dent Professor, Edge Hill University, UK
  • Jarrod Lyons Executive of Business Development for the Atlantis Special Economic Zone Company SOC Ltd.
  • Richard Day Director Strategy, Policy and Communications Growth and Low Carbon Division Department for Energy and Mining Government of South Australia
  • Marta San Román Director General AFEC

5C Consumer Trends in Goods and Services Markets: Building strategically on ESG to accelerate renewables

  • Ida Krabek Senior Director, Head of Global Sustainability at Ørsted
  • Jerome Kusters Head of Strategy & Partnerships; ESG Lead at TSC.ai - The Stakeholder Company

1D Grids and Infrastructure: The backbone of renewable energy systems

2D Renewables for Buildings

  • Peter Lundberg Executive Director at the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA)
  • Thomas Nowak Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association
  • Nilce Gregoret Project 100% Renewables: Cities and Regions Roadmap. Local leader of Avellaneda, the model city in Argentina
  • Andrea Voigt Head of Global Public Affairs & Communication at Danfoss Climate Solutions
  • Luis Cabrera President of ANESE

3D Mind the Gap: Job offers and skilling

4D Engaging Citizens from the Bottom-Up

5D Digitalisation to Speed up the Energy Transition

Energy and industrial policies to mainstream renewables

1E Building Energy Resilience: Large centralised vs. distributed systems

  • Dipti Vaghela Network Manager. Hydropower Empowerment Network (HPNET)
  • Douglas Arent Executive Director of Strategic Public Private Partnerships at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Pablo Valverde Deputy CEO at the International Hydropower Association (IHA)
  • Karim Selouane Resallience, Global ABC and Mission Board of European Commission
  • William Brent Chief Marketing Officer, Husk Power Systems
  • Neeraj Kuldeep Senior Programme Lead at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

2E Electricity, Hydrogen and Low Thermal: The Interplay

3E The Case of SMEs: Driving change outside globalised markets

4E Stopping the Exodus: How Renewables Can Make People Stay

5E End-of-life: Circularity in renewables

Continuous acceleration to be 2050-ready