Benoît BizetClimate and energy Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris

    He is currently employed at the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris – part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    As part of the embassy’s green team, his main tasks are to strengthen the government-to-government cooperation between France and Denmark and to support the sustainable development of renewable energy. He has contributed to the recent signatures of two Memorandums of Understanding, which formalize a collaboration on offshore wind. One between the French Ministry for Sustainable Transition (MTE) and the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply signed in December 2021 and another between the French Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE) and the Energy Agency signed in March 2022.
    His engagement is based on his overall experience in a government-to-government collaboration in the USA with a focus on accelerating the development of offshore wind and energy efficiency solutions and his core competencies in policy, regulation, tender procedures, risk management, etc.
    He has worked within the energy sector for more than 14 years, from wind turbine manufacturer to consultancy and has spent six years at the Danish Energy Agency. His background has thus given him the opportunity to acquire a broad political and technical knowledge of energy.
    He holds a master’s degree in geophysics from the University of Copenhagen and recently started a Master’s in Business Development (MBD) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).