Rafael Mateo, with nearly 40 years of experience in the electricity sector, is
    one of the most experienced professionals in the renewable-energy sector, having played an active
    role in the global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies.
    His professional career began in 1982. He held different positions during his long trajectory in
    Endesa, including Production Director of Endesa Generación, Managing Director of Endesa
    Generación Latam, and CEO of Endesa Chile (NYSE: EOC). He has wide-ranging knowledge of Spanish
    and Latin-American markets, having managed a broad generation portfolio in Argentina, Brazil, Chile,
    Colombia and Peru.
    In 2010, he joined ACCIONA ENERGÍA as General Manager, becoming CEO in 2013, the position he
    currently holds. He has been essential for consolidating the excellent track record of the Company
    over that period, guaranteeing solvency, reliability and growth through diverse regulatory cycles and
    Mr Mateo Alcalá is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ACCIONA Energía International, S.A.
    and a member of various administrative bodies of other Acciona Group subsidiaries and he is also
    advisory board member of OMEL (Spanish Market Operator).
    Mr Mateo Alcalá is a leading public figure in renewable energy and participates in an array of
    international organizations that promote a decarbonized economy and renewable development.
    He acted as president of Unipede-Eurelectric’s production group in the past, is currently a member
    of the CEO´s Electricity Group of the World Economic Forum, and actively participates in different
    forums and renewable-energy organizations.
    Mr Mateo Alcalá holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Higher Technical
    School of the University of Zaragoza (receiving the Extraordinary Honors Award). He has also
    completed a General Management Program at IESE Business School and a Business Management
    Program at INSEAD.