Not only has Spain an enormous renewable energy potential given its privileged geographics, but also thanks to its leading industry, research and technology centers and professionals in the field of renewables. The following visits are some examples of Spain’s leadership in the development and implementation of renewable energies.

These visits are sponsored by the host entities that organize them, so SPIREC participants have the chance to get to know for free the Spanish renewables sector first-hand. Free transportation will be provided by the host entity from the designated departure point in Madrid to the facility’s site and back to the departure point. Please check the agenda of the visit to make sure the scheduled times suit you.

Please click on the visit’s name for further details about the visit including the contact person whom you will have to contact for registration and for any enquiries regarding the visit.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the listed visits are not part of SPIREC’s programme. Neither SPIREC’s host nor the conference organizer are responsible for the organization, the contents, the selection of participants or any damage caused by cancellations or modifications of visit schedules. Please contact the visit organizer provided in the description to register, cancel, or for any other inquiries related to the listed visits.


Date: 24th february



The factory located in the town of Seseña (Toledo) produces concrete enclosures and integrates all the company’s components (medium voltage switchgears, transformers, low voltage boards and protection and automation systems), thus providing complete electrical solutions for transformer and connection substations.

Ormazabal is expert in customised and high-tech electrical solutions with more than 55 years of experience. Their solutions are aimed at digitalising the electrical grid to integrate more renewable energy generation, enable more sustainable mobility and guarantee supply for buildings and infrastructures with critical power needs.

They currently have 16 industrial facilities worldwide and a presence in more than 50 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. They have a workforce of more than 2,400 highly qualified professionals.


10:00    Departure Av. Partenon (IFEMA main access) – Ormazabal (Seseña, Toledo)

10:45    Arrival at Ormazabal (Seseña, Toledo)

11:00    Visitors welcome and coffee

11:30    Guided walking tour along a facility

13:00    End of the visit and departure Ormazabal (Seseña, Toledo) – IFEMA (Madrid)

13:45    Arrival at IFEMA (Madrid)

Host entity: Ormazabal – Transformer substations factory
Location: Camino Seseña, s/n, 45224 Seseña, Toledo
Starting point in Madrid: 10:00h. Av. Partenon (IFEMA main access)
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 45min
Estimated time to visit the site: 2h (30 min coffee + 1h30 min tour)
Registration and contact person: Arantza Eizmendi,
Registration deadline: February 17th, 2023
Person in charge of the visit: Manuel Lorenzo,
Lenguage: Spanish and English



Date: 23rd february

Instituto IMDEA Energía


IMDEA Energy Institute is a non-profit Foundation to promote and carry out R&D&i activities to contribute to the development of a sustainable and decarbonised energy system that is strongly committed to the transfer of R&D outcomes to the productive sector and the excellence in research on energy issues. IMDEA Energy gathers cutting edge skills and significant experience in R&D, testing and assessment of energy technologies.

The visit focuses on singular R&D facilities in the fields of solar energy, circular economy and smart grids.


Presentation of the institute in the atrium and auditorium (10 minutes)

Visit to Smart grids simulation laboratory SEIL (15 minutes)

Pyrolysis & HydroDeOxygenation pilot plant (15 minutes)

Visit to heliostats solar field  (15 minutes)

Summary and farewell (5 minutes)

Host entity: IMDEA Energía
Location: Avenida Ramón de la Sagra, 3 Parque Tecnológico de Móstoles. 28935 Móstoles, Madrid
Starting point in Madrid: IFEMA. Bus departure: 10.00 h.
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: from IFEMA 30 – 45 min
Estimated time to visit the site: 60 minutes
Person in charge of the visit: Dr. Félix Marín Tel.: +34 917371154
Lenguage: English



Date: 23rd february

NEDGIA, Ayuntamiento de  Madrid y Prezero


The Valdemingómez Technology Park is an urban solid waste treatment center, in which, among other things, the organic fraction of urban waste is valorized for energy. This energy recovery involves the generation of biogas, its cleaning and injection into the Spanish gas system.


Departure 9:30 Edificio Naturgy (Av. América, 38 – Madrid)

1st group

  • 10:00 a.m. – Visitors Center (the 25 people would coincide)
  • 11:00 a.m. – Las Dehesas Biomethanization treatment plant (13 people)
  • 12:00 p.m. – Biogas treatment plant (13 people)

2nd group

  • 10:00 a.m. – Visitors Center (the 25 people would coincide)
  • 11:00 a.m. – Biogas treatment plant (12 people)
  • 12:00 p.m. – Las Dehesas Biomethanization treatment plant (12 people)

Host entity: NEDGIA, Ayuntamiento de  Madrid y Prezero
Location: Ctra. Vertedero Municipal Valdemingómez, s/n, 28051 Madrid
Starting point in Madrid: Edificio Naturgy (Av. América, 38 – Madrid)
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 30 min go and 30 min return
Estimated time to visit the site: 2 hours
Registration and contact person:
1) Rafael Varea Cabanillas Tel:+34 649 983 268
2) Isabel Rodríguez Tel: +34 609 477 160
Person in charge of the visit: Francisco Torres
Lenguage: Spanish


Date: 23rd february

ManzaEnergía Project


The ManzaEnergía project is an innovative initiative that seeks to lower the electricity bill and combat the climate emergency. The project that consists of an energy community (presentation video here), to share the energy generated between a sports center, 4 school buildings and 15 homes in vulnerable situations. The physical infrastructure consists of a 100kWp photovoltaic plant for shared self-consumption with grid injection, a 50kWh storage system, monitoring and actuators system (grid analyzers, datalogger, etc.) and an electric vehicle charging point. In addition, the project includes  an energy office and an energy efficiency project in a public school. It’s located in Manzanares El Real (Madrid). The project started in January 2022. El proyecto ManzaEnergía también participa como piloto dentro del proyecto europeo Lightness


9:00  Departure from IFEMA (Madrid) – Manzanares El Real (Madrid)

9:45  Arrival for the reception (Sala El Rodaje  or the Salón de Plenos (Plenary Hall), to be confirmed)

10:00  Presentation of the ManzaEnergía project (By the area councilor)

10:20  Start of guided tour:
This will be a guided (walking) tour through the installation. The explanation will address technical and social aspects considered for the design of the plant, as well as other   factors linked to the operation and associated projects.
The visit includes 3 stops between the installation: 1) Visualization of the PV plant from the outside (from the Old Castle), 2) Visit to a school building where a working network analyzer will be shown, 3) Visit to the sports center where the storage, EV charging point and monitoring system will be shown.
(In charge of the project engineers)

11:50  End of the technical visit

12:00  Closing of the day with a member of the board of directors of the Energy Community (to be confirmed)

12:15  Depart Manzanares El Real (Madrid) – IFEMA (Madrid)

Host entity: R2M Solution Spain S.L.
Registration Deadline: February 17th, 2023
Location: Manzanares El Real (Madrid)
Starting point in Madrid: IFEMA Madrid
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 1h 30 minutes
Estimated time to visit the site: 4 hours
Registration and contact person:
1) Clara Majades, Tel: +34 628893194
2) Ivan Aranda,, Tel: +34606888543
Lenguage: English and Spanish


Date: 23rd february

Visit to Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL) and Renewable Energy Control Centre (CECRE) | Redeia


Red Eléctrica is firmly committed to driving the green and digital transformation, being the backbone of a decarbonised energy system and  guaranteeing the electricity supply and neutral access to the electricity system.

For this purpose, one of the key tools is the Renewable Energy Control Centre (Cecre), a pioneering centre of global reference in the supervision and management of renewable energies. Cecre receives, every 12 seconds, real-time information from the country’s renewable generation centres, achieving ever greater safe integration of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to Cecre, renewables have continued to increase their share of the national mix. Electricity production from wind and solar photovoltaic power both broke generation records: wind produced one-fifth of all electricity and photovoltaic accounted for 10% of the country’s generation structure. This trend is set to continue in 2023.These results demonstrate that Cecre’s contribution is essential to achieve the objectives committed to in the National Energy and Climate Plan and to make possible the roadmap of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan that the Spanish Government has submitted to the European Commission to articulate a sustainable way out of the crisis.

Cecre has become the driving force to achieve growth in the Spanish economy based on a sustainable, fair and resilient model. And for this reason, Red Eléctrica will mobilise the necessary resources and investments in its firm commitment to make climate neutrality a reality.

The safe integration of renewables made possible by Cecre has been the dynamic force for the development of leading companies in the entire wind energy value chain and also an important part of the value chain of solar photovoltaic energy and power electronics in the capital equipment, essential for these to operate.

Cecre’s innovation has made it a centre of reference and inspiration for the electricity systems of many countries. Evidence of this is that it has been visited by representatives from more than 80 countries from the five continents as well as President Ursula von der Leyen in June 2021 and Commissioner Kadri Simson in February 2022.


11:30 Departure from IFEMA to Redeia (Madrid)
11:45 Wellcome and coffee
12:30 Visit to Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL) and Renewable Energy Control Centre (CECRE)
13:30 End of the visit and departure to IFEMA

Host entity: Redeia
Location: Paseo del Conde de los Gaitanes, 177, Alcobendas, Madrid
Starting point in Madrid: IFEMA 11.30h
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 15min
Estimated time to visit the site: 2h
Registration and contact person: Isabel García-Morato. (please provide full name, passport number and country, company and tittle)
Person in charge of the visit: Relaciones Institucionales.
Language: English


Date: 23rd february

Visit to Poblete Solar Park (Watt Ciudad Real)


Poblete, is a 20 MWp project that is about to start operations. With a surface of 42ha, the project is almost completed consisting of bifacial modules and one-single axis trackers. During its first year of production, the solar plant expects to generate around 37,5 GWh of solar energy avoiding the emission of approximately 5.700 tons of CO2 per year. Poblete is part of a 10-year PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) signed with Holaluz, a green energy technology company listed in the BME (Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets).

The PPA marks another milestone for BayWa r.e. on its journey towards grid parity in Europe, as this will be the company’s seventh solar project in Spain developed without any support from subsidies. For Holaluz this agreement is a new step to a 100% renewable world.

This agreement will allow BayWa r.e. and Holaluz to supply renewable energy to 9,500 new Holaluz customers.


09:35   Departure from C/Almagro, Madrid – Poblete site
12:00   Arrival to the site. Introduction of H&S requirements/rules and delivery of safety equipment. Coffee and drinks.
12:15    Begginning of site visit.
14:00   Picture opportunity.
14:15    End of site visit and commute to IFEMA.

Host entity: BayWa r.e.
Location: Poblete, Ciudad Real (Castilla la Mancha)
Starting point in Madrid: C/Almagro, Madrid,  11.30h
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 2 hours 30 minutes
Estimated time to visit the site: 2 hours
Registration and contact person: Estela de Diego (registration deadline: 15th, February)
Person in charge of the visit: María Barrado de Solís, Project Developer.
Language: English and Spanish
Other specifications:
This will be a walking site visit across the site. The explanation will contemplate some relevant technical and evironmental details of the site’s design as well as other conservation measures undertaken to protect the site’s natural environment. There will be the opportunity to ask questions about its development and technology apart from other operation and maintenance aspects.


Date: 23rd february

Amara NZero, Logistic Center Meco


At Amara NZero, we are committed to the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest.

From our logistics center in Meco, a 50,000 m2 facility, we accompany, add value and respond to the needs of our customers, the major players in the Energy Transition, to contribute value and respond to their needs related to the main principles of decarbonization, electrification, and digitalization.

We currently have a 3-year plan to turn this facility into the most modern warehouse in Self-consumption distribution in Spain and Portugal.

Do you want to know it?



09:30  Departure from IFEMA and transfer to Meco. Company presentation on the way.
10:00  Breakfast in Meco.
10:45   Talk Transformation Plan Meco.
11:30   Start of warehouse visit.
12:30   End of the visit and return to IFEMA.

Host entity: Amara NZero
Location: C. Hermes, 40, Polígono R-2, 28880 Meco, Madrid
Starting point in Madrid: IFEMA
Estimated travel time from and to the starting/return point: 30 minutes
Estimated time to visit the site: 3 hours
Registration and contact person: – Mónica Gómez 609 409 103
Person in charge of the visit: Mónica Gómez.
Language: Spanish