Céline ReymonnetSecretary General of Western Europe and Overseas, Akuo Energy

    Graduated from Lille 2 University and ESAM School with a Master in Business Law and Business Management, Céline Reymonnet spent the first part of her professional career putting her legal knowledge into practice for private companies.
    With 8 years of experience in different sectors of activity, and very concerned by the climate, she joined Akuo in 2013 as Head of the Group Legal Corporate Department.
    Akuo is a global independent producer and developer of renewable energy. The company is active across the entire value chain, spanning from project development to financing, construction and operation activities.
    Responsible for the governance of the 300 Group subsidiairies and involved in many financing transactions and structuring of green electricity production projects, she also participated to the creation of Akuo’s own financing platform, AkuoCoop, in 2017, and in obtaining its CIP status in early 2020.
    In September 2021, she joined the Akuo Western Europe management team as General Secretary. Member of the Executive Committee, she monitors the HR and financial follow-up of the Region as well as internal and external communication.